How can you secure your job during layoffs?

Let’s start with a question, how had you felt when you received your first offer letter.   

Well, we know that happiness of first offer letter can’t be expressed in words this is because that one page of offer letter carries emotions, hopes and thousands of dreams. You start working hard with utter motivation, with having dreams in eyes to earn promotion with a good appraisal. But this phase of happiness and hope to achieve something big in life can take 180 degrees turn when you hear the news about layoffs and it can lead you to stress, and uncertainty.   

There is a fine line between getting fired and being laid off. An individual can get fired for several reason, non-compliance of duties, breach of conduct, fraud etc. But usually, a layoff happens when companies are going in loss and unable to generate enough revenue to pay their employees or during economic downturn companies tend to lay off their workers to cut the cost to manage company expenses.   

Losing a job can be a nightmare for anyone. Well, if you are also worried about the layoffs at your company, then don’t worry. Here we are going to discuss the ways on how you can secure your job while you work in a corporate, service organisation etc.   

Ways to secure your job during layoff 

Upskill Yourself 

With upskilling we mean continuous learning through training programs or through various online degrees. Basically, upskilling focuses on improving your current skills and endows to learn new ones, so that you can excel in your career and find better job opportunities within your current company or somewhere else.   

During layoff season the best possible thing you can do is keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technology in your industry. This is because upgrading yourself in your current industry will give you an edge over others and make you an asset for the company which will reduce your chances of being laid off.   

Showcase your work to the right audience 

Apart from this, always keep track of your completed work and on-going projects. Also ledger the assignments you have performed well and that will help you showcase your skills, and always look forward to projects which can help showcase newly learnt skills.  

Furthermore, let your network know on which project you have worked and how you helped your company grow. Because, in today’s market what you see is what you believe. Proactively take on new tasks and projects other than your daily work, come up with great ideas that helps your company to succeed. Hence, it will increase your workplace value and also let your boss realize that you are an asset for him.    

Expand Your Network  

In the world of corporate, networking is the lifeline. Professional networking means building meaningful relationship with your co-workers, superiors and peers who can in the future help you in making your career. Nowadays, there are lots of networking tools and apps that can help you building a successful relationship with your peers and colleagues. One of them which is quite popular is LinkedIn. Currently LinkedIn is one the largest professional networking platform on the internet you can utilize it for finding job, internship, and connect with professionals in your industry. Your LinkedIn profile helps you in showcasing your work, skills, and educational background. Apart from this, you can use LinkedIn recommendation to increase your employability. Basically, LinkedIn recommendation is a written appreciation by your superiors/peers/colleagues in your company or by the clients you have worked with who recognize your work. There is a special section in LinkedIn to get or give recommendation.   

If you are in corporate sector, it is obvious that now or later you will switch your job in search of better opportunity. So, while leaving your organization end it on a happy note with your co-workers because you never know when anyone of them may help you out in getting a better opportunity.  

According to LinkedIn 85% of jobs are filled through networking. So, it is crucial for you to build healthy relationships with your colleagues and seniors. Furthermore, post layoffs most of the people get an opportunity through networking. So, keep in touch and build with your network.   

Stay Positive 

We know that layoffs are horrible. But don’t let your emotions lead you, many people commit mistakes, they take layoffs personally and ultimately it starts affecting their work.  

Instead of this you should stay calm and professional. Focus on your work and try to do your best. This is because if your company lays you off 80% of it is not your fault. As these decisions are outcome of an economic recession where in a company strives to sustain economic downturn by taking tough decisions like layoffs in an aspiration to save company cost.  

If you are an IT employee reading this then our piece of advice to you will be, no sooner do you hear about layoffs; you should start preparing for the worst-case scenario. The best thing you can do is learn new skills and upgrade yourself in your industry specific trending- in-demand skills and last but not the least remember tough times don’t last.   

Final Thought 

Nowadays, the job market changes rapidly. So, it become crucial how you keep yourself updated to stay ahead in this highly competitive job market. Moreover, new technologies are coming every other day, so constantly upskill yourself this will give you confidence and keep you safe from losing job during layoff season. Therefore, to make you stay valid in the job market Graphic Era University offers online degree programs that will enable you to gain all the skills and knowledge that will give an edge over others.   

GEU’s flexible and interactive learning platform will let you balance your personal and professional life smoothly and its 100% online degree allows you to learn anywhere anytime from the comfort of your home. So, what are you waiting for here is an excellent opportunity to grow your career with GEU Online and be the best version of yourself. Check out our website for more information.    

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