Embrace the Power of Dual Degree Program: Combining Traditional and Online Education for Unparalleled Success!

In today’s dynamic and competitive world, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. One way to achieve this is by combining a traditional degree with an online degree from Graphic Era (Deemed to be University). The synergy created by this dual degree approach offers numerous benefits and opens up a world of possibilities for your academic and professional growth. In this blog, we will delve into the advantages of pursuing dual degrees, the specific benefits of earning a second degree online, and shed light on the UGC rules governing this exciting educational path. Let’s dive in! 

The Power of Dual Degree Program: 

Combining traditional and online degrees creates a powerful educational blend that sets you apart from the crowd. Here’s why: 

  1. Broader Skill Set: Dual degrees allow you to diversify your skill set, equipping you with a unique combination of expertise across multiple disciplines. For example, pairing a BBA with a BCA provides a strong foundation in both business administration and computer applications, enhancing your professional versatility.
  2. Competitive Edge: Employers value candidates with diverse knowledge and skill sets. By pursuing dual degrees, you position yourself as a standout candidate, increasing your chances of landing coveted job opportunities and enjoying a competitive advantage throughout your career.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Dual degrees expose you to a wider network of peers, professors, and industry professionals. Building connections across different fields expands your professional network and opens doors to collaborations, mentorships, and future opportunities.
  4. Time Efficiency: By pursuing two degrees simultaneously, you can earn two qualifications in a shorter period compared to pursuing them separately. In today’s fast-paced world, this advantage is invaluable, enabling you to enter the workforce with a diverse skill set.

UGC Rules and Regulations: 

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India recognizes the significance of online education and has established guidelines to regulate the quality and credibility of online programs. It ensures that online degrees are at par with their traditional counterparts, providing students with equal opportunities and recognition in the job market. 

  1. Combination of Physical Programs: According to UGC guidelines, a student can pursue two full-time academic programs in physical mode as long as the class timings for one program do not overlap with the class timings of the other program. 
  2. Open and Distance Learning (ODL)/ Online and Physical Combination: UGC guidelines allow students to combine a full-time physical program with an Online or Open and Distance Learning (ODL) program. This enables students to benefit from the flexibility of online education while pursuing their traditional degree.
  3. UGC Accreditation: It is essential to choose an institution recognized by the UGC, statutory councils, or the Government of India. 

Benefits of Earning a Second Degree Online from Graphic Era (Deemed to be University): 

Now, let’s explore the specific advantages of earning a second degree online through Graphic Era Online: 

  1. Flexibility and Convenience: Online education offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments such as work, family, or personal pursuits. With 24/7 accessibility to course materials, you can tailor your learning schedule to fit your lifestyle.
  2. Cost-Effective Option: Pursuing an online degree often comes with lower tuition fees and eliminates additional expenses such as commuting and relocation costs. This cost-effectiveness makes earning a second degree more attainable and affordable.
  3. Quality Education: Graphic Era Online, with its wide range of UGC/AICTE entitled programs including Online MBA, Online MCA, Online BBA, Online BCA, and Online B.Com Hons., offers high-quality education that is at par with traditional classroom-based programs. The curriculum is designed by experienced faculty members, ensuring a robust learning experience.
  4. Benefit from Legacy of Reputed University Irrespective of Location: One of the key advantages of earning a second degree online through Graphic Era Online is that you can benefit from the legacy and reputation of one of top 55 universities of India, that is, Graphic Era (Deemed to be University), regardless of your geographical location. This means that you can access the same quality education and prestigious credentials as students attending the on-campus programs, opening doors to exciting career opportunities and enhancing your professional credentials.


Combining a traditional degree with an online degree from Graphic Era (Deemed to be University) is a strategic move that can catapult your academic and professional journey to new heights. The benefits of dual degrees, such as a broader skill set, increased competitiveness, and flexible online education, empower you to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. With UGC regulations in place, pursuing dual degrees becomes a seamless and recognized path to success. Embrace the power of dual degrees today and unlock a future filled with unlimited possibilities by applying for Graphic Era Deemed to be University’s online degree programs geuonline.com.  

Remember, it’s never too late to expand your educational horizons and invest in your future. Take the leap, harness the power of dual degrees, and embark on a transformative educational adventure that will shape your success for years to come! 

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