Growth of The Logistics & Supply Chain Industry and Its Impact on The Job Market

Did you know the Indian logistics market was valued at 250 billion US dollars in the FY 2021, it is expected that this market will grow to 380 billion USD in FY 2025. 

The logistic and supply chain management industry is growing faster than imagined. This is due to increased awareness on business efficiency and cost management. Nowadays more and more businesses are party to the various benefits of supply chain management i.e., transportation management system, planning and analytics, inventory forecast accuracy, warehouse management, procurement and sourcing of raw materials, waste minimization, and manufacturing efficiency. 

Supply Chain Management is the practice of organizing the secure flow of goods and services, it is not as simple as it sounds it is a complex process which involves management of production, distribution, and inventory across different cities and in some cases, it could include multiple continents. An effective logistic and supply chain management ensures range of benefits like streamlined flow of goods and services as well as improved customer satisfaction.  

Technology and trained talent pool could be a game changer in this area as it can provide better and proficient management of supply chain from end to end, alerting a business on right pinch points and inefficiencies and thus help avert unnecessary losses in business. 

Listing down here some important job opportunities under supply chain and logistics management  

Supply Chain Consultant: 

Traditionally, the sole purpose of procurement and supply methods would aim to save costs and thus reduce the purchasing price to as low as possible. Therefore, supply consultants who understand the business’s cost constraints can be important from business with tight margins. It is not only important for a business to choose suppliers who give win-win deals on cost, but also the supplier relation should be based on flexibility and trust.  

Quality Controller:  

Long standing suppliers start works as per the values held by your business. And when your supplier adopts the same quality standards as your business, the quality control problems can be detected earlier. Therefore, quality control on the supply chain ultimately helps to protect a company’s reputation and earn better profits. 

Logistics Specialists: 

Logistics costs are always on the rise due to inflation, this increase in cost impacts majorly the small business owners. Appointing a logistic specialist helps the company reduce the number of distribution channels and thus have a lesser distribution cost than your competitors and making use of logistics specialists also helps the business maintain stronger cash flow and profits. 

Warehouse Manager: 

An efficient warehouse manager can reduce the need to maintain inventory and thus reduce the overhead costs associated with storage and security. Thus, a warehouse manager is an important part of the supply chain from end to end. His role includes product development, demand planning, sourcing and procurement. 

Transportation Director: 

The role of a transportation manager holds a key place in supply chain management. As every step of the process is connected through transportation. Specific to industry requirement, the raw materials are moved from dealers or place of purchase to the place they are manufactured and finally to the wholesaler, and then retailer and further to the end customer. 

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