Top 5 Career Options After Earning an Online (Hons) Degree.

Commerce is a well-known education stream among students in India. A degree in Bachelor of Commerce Honours is a specialized programme designed in a way that it provides added specialization to the students in the field of commerce. It gives a detailed knowledge to the student and added advantage of employability in any commerce and accounting related field. It endows you with lots of career options and imparts students with knowledge in business-related subjects such as costing, accounting, taxation, law, finance, and economics. 

 If you are interested in a career related to accounting and commerce and has just finished higher secondary studies or currently pursuing higher studies, this article is for you. Below are the various career options after an online (Hons) degree that you can pursue to make a successful career.  

Best career opportunities after online (Hons) 

1. Accountant: Job security in your career is one of the main attractions for a graduate. Nothing provides a better job security and growth than a role of an accountant. Every organization no matter what industry it belongs, needs an accountant to function smoothly. An accountant is responsible for auditioning financial documents and procedures, reconcile bank statement of the company as well as for third party vendor, calculating tax payments and returns. He/She is responsible to give quantitative information on financial aspects, liquidity and cash flow of the business. In short accountant is like the backbone of a business however small or large scale in nature. 

An Online undergraduate degree in B Com Honours along with work experience in tally and bookkeeping can prepare a strong base for you to aspire for the accountant role.

2. Financial analyst: The primary role of a financial analyst involves analysing financial data, past results, and trends and making recommendations for improvement. Not only this, but they are also responsible for evaluating financial performance, and making strong financial inspections by creating models and forecasts. Financial analysts typically work at banks, consulting firms, mutual funds, and corporations to generate investment strategies and support financial growth of a sector or industry. 

An online bachelor’s degree along with experience in related field, familiarity with financial software tools and programs is the basic requirement to aspire for this role.  

3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): The primary responsibility of the CFA lies in controlling the Global finance industry, which includes portfolio management, data analysis, private wealth, and consulting. The full scope of being a CFA can include under its aegis the following department: Portfolio Management, Research, Consulting and Risk analysis and management. 

Chartered Financial Analyst is a professional designation offered by the CFA institute. It is globally acknowledged. The best way to take on this course is after completing your BCom (Hons) degree.  Generally, the course is of 2.5 years, the course is designed in a way it will equip you with expertise and skills in investment analysis that will keep you ahead of your competitors.  

To accomplish the designation of CFA you have to pass the three-part exam. Since the CFA have a high standard in the industry, that’s why CFAs are hired by top companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, UBS, BlackRock, etc. 

4. Business ManagerAnother most widely adopted career option after completing your online BCom (Hons) degree the primary role of a business manager includes manage projects budgets, collections and co-ordination with all eminent departments. He/She is responsible for controlling the personnel and directing the activities of an organization or a department. They also work towards finding any new business opportunity that can help in an organization’s growth, expansion, and competitiveness in the market. Business managers are the ones to set goals and targets to reach there. They carry out the majority of duties such as adopting operational plans, making performance evaluations, and supervising daily activities. Business managers strive to keep the business efficient, productive, and organized at all times.  

While you aspire for the positions in business management, you need to know that each company or organisation has its own set of requirements. Employers demand a bachelor’s degree in closely related discipline, and some may also insist on an MBA for this position but requirements may vary industry to industry. 

5. Investment Banker: You might have heard of the term intermediary. Well, that’s what investment bankers do. They act as an intermediary between their banks and corporate clients. They are responsible for helping businesses in terms of large financial transactions. Moreover, an investment banker is also responsible for guiding an organization through mergers, public listings, acquisitions, raising money through securities, etc. 

It is among the most highly paying career options after BCom (Hons) and that is the reason why most graduates are already attracted to it. Moreover, you can do your MBA in finance to become a professional at it. 


So, now you might be feeling a little relieved! 

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