Why Should You Go for MBA after BTech

Are you an engineering student? Are questions like should I go for MBA after Btech or should I gain a few years of industry experience first, baffling you? If yes, then you have landed at the right page! Today, we will help you find a way out of this crossroad by discussing why MBA after engineering has become one of the most sought-after combo among students! 

High demand for dual specialization: In today’s competitive world, speciality qualification, alone, does not fit the bill, even when technical roles are concerned. Companies are in lookout for versatile professionals who can offer technical as well as management expertise to the organization or in simple words, they seek techies who can lead the team in future. An MBA after Btech fulfils this rising demand of the job market by grooming the graduates to don the hat of both, an able engineer and an expert team leader. 

Top-tier placements: An MBA after Btech leads to improved career prospects and high chances of employability of the candidate with premium salary package. It plays a crucial role not only in facilitating the securement of top-tier placements but also in promotion, salary hike and overall career progression. This is because, in the technologically-driven era of today, employee with good technical and management skills is considered to be an invaluable asset to the company as these have become the core strengths of major chunk of organizations. However, it is also true that a long experience in the field can earn one the same designation and salary as MBA after engineering. But the question worth considering is that ‘do you have the patience to wait that long in the queue?’ 

Climb up the career ladder: Btech graduates without MBA are likely to face stagnancy in their career growth after a certain point of time whereas Btech graduates with MBA degree have a good chance of being awarded senior management roles after serving as a technical resource to the organization. This is because an MBA after Btech endows the engineering graduate with sound business knowledge and leadership skills, which can function as key to climb up the career ladder after their technical expertise has been utilised to the maximum by the organization.  

Why Graphic Era University? 

Ambitious students who wish to take on the professional world must pursue Btech and MBA from a university of national repute like Graphic Era Deemed to be University. To elucidate, the NAAC A+ accredited University boasts All-India Rank 64 in Engineering Category, All-India Rank 65 in Management category, and All-India Rank 74 in University category in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). It was recently placed in rank band 601-800 amongst the top universities of the world by Time Higher Education. 

The university has also geared up to establish its eminence in the online domain as well. With a QS I- Gauge E-Lead (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation) Certificate and UGC/AICTE mandate to offer online degree programs, Graphic Era University has become the only university in Uttarakhand to be awarded the grant to offer online education (Online MBA, Online MCA, Online B.Com (Hons) Online BBA, Online BCA). 

Conclusion: We sincerely hope this blog helped you understand what the MBA after engineering buzz is all about! Nonetheless, you have every right to not follow the crowd and ultimately the decision will be yours, but we strongly advise you to not dismiss MBA after Btech! MBA is a globally recognized degree and has immense significance in the job market. Doing MBA after engineering is a credible career path that will surely expand your horizons and give you an edge over others.  

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