Why do mothers have a good chance of succeeding as online students?

Remember how the traditional delivery mechanism of education underwent a drastic & unprecedented change in 2020? How the covid-led pandemic brought forth the system of online education even for school-going kids who were as young as 5 years old! We are sure you do! But do you remember or are you even aware of the instrumental role that was played by mothers in facilitating the online education of their children?  

Contrary to what many think, the responsibility of mothers was not restricted to ‘plug & play’ only! There were thousands of mothers who did not even have the basic know-how of computers and internet. However, they did not let their lack of experience with machines and digital platforms/tools hamper their child’s learning. They took the challenge head-on & ensured that their children received the best virtual learning experience.  

In a very short span of time, the not so tech-savvy mothers gained admirable digital literacy & mastered the fundamentals of online learning, be it logging in the class, uploading homework & assignments, downloading files/notes, taking online proctored exams, sharing feedback, etc. Along with these, they also gained excellent time management and organizational skills.  

Well, yes! We are trying to give these unsung warriors the credit that they deserve but that is not our only goal. We wish to encourage mothers across the globe to utilize the knowledge & skills they acquired through their children’s online education journey to advance their own higher education. This is because we believe that if they could succeed in the role of online learning coaches for their children, they can excel as online students as well!  

Moreover, by going back to college, mothers will not only be investing in their personal growth and walking the golden path of empowerment but also giving a chance to their dreams; the last time we checked, there was no written rule that said that a woman had to abandon her academic or career aspirations to become a good homemaker/wife/mother. 

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