Is Being Underskilled a Cause Of Fear?

Fear is a deep dark gnawing feeling in the back of your head that gradually starts chewing up your whole existence. Very often, the intensity of the fear is determined by the magnitude of effect a circumstance would have on an individual. The prominent an effect, the substantial the amount of fear.  

In the catalogue of endless desires, one dreams of today, one of the most exponential is to be able to develop and advance. In a world, where everything is evolving so rapidly, the fear of being left behind is real. The desire or rather the “need” to not be deserted behind makes the fear of advancement colossal. Being caught in the same vocational position and unable to move forward can be frustrating and a paramount cause of a terrifying fear in a person. 

The dark feeling of not being able to move forward can lead one to discern a lack of appreciation and furthermore, shudder one’s confidence. Being under-skilled can unconsciously validate this fear and make the circumstances more gruesome, frequently leading one to doubt their capabilities and talent. This feeling becomes rather grave when one is mired in this very arrangement for a long time, constantly getting revolved from fear to insecurity to self-judgement. 

Inspired by a quote from Nelson Mandela in which he said, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”, one can infer a solution out of this vicious problem and that is to be courageous. One can start by retrieving their composure and initiate working on expanding their skill set. It is already to the advantage of a person to be living in the Age of Information, as all the knowledge known to mankind is accessible at the snap of a finger. One can utilize this to their benefit and work on refining their craft. There are numerous distance learning programs available on the Internet. Several Universities provide expert guidance to their students in a vast number of fields. One can choose any course of their preference and broaden their band of knowledge. This way, one does not only increase their value as an employee but also adds functional qualities to their persona. Online degrees such as MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA and B. Com (H) are few such courses. 

 Distance learning through online degree programs aids you to fulfil your contemporary professional duties and simultaneously upgrade your skills. One can also effortlessly manage their time as very often these courses are quite flexible. Online courses are also beneficial since they provide expert guidance in the vicinity of one’s home, can be cost-efficient, provide one with instant doubt resolution and networking opportunities. 

Thus, being under-skilled can absolutely be a cause of fear, but a fear that can be efficiently tackled.   

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