Dual Degree Program India

Choosing a field of study is a formidable task that involves mountain of challenges. Students already have a hard time figuring out their passion and aspirations and the umpteen courses available do not exactly make it a walk in the park.   

However, after much struggle, some are able to narrow down the list but get stuck at two starkly different programs, with a strong desire to pursue both! There are also those who are sure about their calling, but the societal/familial pressure makes their field of interest unfeasible! At such a crossroad, the student traditionally has had to make the hard choice of eliminating one option no matter how promising it may have been!   

Well, if you’re someone who is currently sailing on any of these boats, then we have good news for you! In the spirit of National Education Policy 2022, University Grants Commission (UGC) has come up with Dual Degree Program. Under this, a student can pursue two full-time degree programmes simultaneously at undergraduate or post graduate level. The icing on the top is that the two degrees can be undertaken in physical, online, distance learning, or hybrid mode from same or different institutions (or countries)! The only catch right now is that these regulations apply only to non-technical courses.    

So, gone are the days of regrets & compromises! You can appease your parents & follow your heart! Besides, the benefits of dual degree program are not limited to this facet only. There are many other aspects that make it a viable path:   

  • One of the most significant benefits of dual degree program is accelerated education meaning candidate can earn two degrees in the same duration that requires completion of one degree.  For instance, traditionally, doing BBA & BCA would require 6 years. However, under the dual degree program, students can pursue both the programs simultaneously & complete them in 3 years.    
  • Gaining expertise in two fields will help the graduate stay ahead in the fast-paced and highly competitive world by making him eligible for a broader spectrum of job roles in comparison to a graduate with a single degree. For instance, if a student graduates in BBA & BCA under dual degree program, he/she becomes qualified to set foot in the world of both management & information technology.  
  • Another major benefit of dual degree program is enhancement of employability. Specialization in two similar or different fields would expand the base of their competencies & boost their chances of getting hired. The students graduate with versatile skillset, interdisciplinary knowledge, adaptive & multi-tasking skills, bigger professional network, higher academic accomplishments, and more. Plus, Dual degree functions as a testimony of the graduate’s seriousness, determination, unwavering focus and strong work ethic, values which are kept in high esteem by employers.   


Dual Degree Program will be a real door opener for the ambitious students who wish to stand out in the professional world, provided they are willing to walk an extra mile.  Plus, the provision of pursuing at least one course in online mode under dual degree program will definitely make widening of the intellectual range of student, easier. What we mean to say is that the combination of physical and online degree will work like magic. A student enrolled in a regular, campus-based program will benefit immensely from the flexibility that online degree programs offer, especially when it comes to striking a balance between the schedule of the classes of two programs. The combination becomes even more appealing when the finance angle is taken into consideration. Online degree would not cause a big dent in your pocket as compared to another physical program. Plus, the student will be exposed to the same educational infrastructure as a conventional degree program.  

If you also wish to take advantage of the promising benefits of dual degree programs, you must consider Graphic Era University (GEU).  

Graphic Era University is a NAAC A+ accredited university that is ranked amongst the top 75 educational institutes of India in NIRF. In addition to regular campus based degrees, GEU Online offers degree programs at undergraduate & postgraduate levels namely MBA, MCA, BBA, B.Com (H) & BCA.  

It is noteworthy, Graphic Era University is the only university in Uttarakhand that that has UGC/AICTE mandate for online education.  Grow with Graphic Era University Online and build a strong foundation for your career.  

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