8 Best Career Options after Online MCA 

Hi, was completing your BCA boring or exciting for you? It would have been exciting right ?! as that is the reason you are looking forward to a rewarding career in the IT sector.  

MCA (Master of Computer Application) is an advanced programme that provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge of computer application.  

Most universities offer two-year courses where students develop skills in areas such as network and database management; financial accounting; mobile technologies; cloud computing; etc. The IT industry is growing exponentially. Therefore, a plethora of job opportunities are also around the corner. Companies require professionals who are educated with relevant and good skill sets.  

But if you are someone who has already completed his/her BCA degree and is already working with an IT company, but somewhere feel that a master’s degree could land you a better paying job! then you are at the right place. 

The Online MCA Program Is the Road to Your Success!  

Master of Computer Applications, or M.C.A., is a postgraduate course in information technology. A computer application is a program that uses a computer to solve a problem or complete a task for a user 

Online MCA degree program is an excellent option for the working professionals. It accords you with an opportunity to upscale your knowledge and skills. Hence, it will keep you ahead of your competition and endow you with a promotion and a salary hike. 

If you are also someone who is looking forward to advancing your career with an online degree, then you are at the right place! Graphic Era University Online accords you with a UGC/AICTE approved online MCA degree that will surely transform your dreams into reality.

Exciting Job Opportunities after your Online MCA completion!

1. Software Developer  

As a software developer, you have to design and develop software for clients. It includes everything from building to installation of the software. Being in the shoes of a software developer, you need to use your analytical and problem-solving skills in order to fulfil the particular needs of the business or clients.  

2. Database Engineer. 

While pursuing your online MCA degree, you will come to know about the ins-and-outs of database management systems and their administration. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired during the course will help you out in landing a rewarding job as a database management engineer. 

Working as a database engineer, you will be required to perform tasks such as creating and managing databases that store and organise the data. Apart from creating databases, you will also arrange existing systems and make sure that everything works properly. Moreover, building career as a database engineer, you need to have a sound knowledge of SQL and analytics. 

3. Data Scientist  

As we all know, data is the new fuel in this digitally connected world. A plethora of data is generated every day, and every business wants to make the most of it. And here the role of a data scientist comes into play. As a data scientist, you will be required to help the management by providing insights and assisting in the decision-making process by analysing the huge sets of data. And this makes data scientists an invaluable asset to the company. 


4. Web Designer/ Developer. 

In this era of the digital world, a website is the primary salesman of any organization. Therefore, as a web designer, you would need to enable backend functionality and also make sure the front end looks attractive. As this plays a crucial role in how your customers will engage with your products and services, 

After software development, this field makes its place among the top career options after online MCA. If you have a creative mind and strong software skills, then you will find lucrative job opportunities in this field. Furthermore, sound knowledge of HTML, Adobe Photoshop and WordPress will be beneficial for you. 

5. Manual Tester 

As the title implies, the job is all about testing software physically. Once the software development is completed, the software has to go under testing for defects that need to be fixed. Moreover, make sure that the application is working perfectly before it is released to the customers. As a manual tester, you need to run software multiple times to find the problems with it. This is the most important activity in any software development project as customer satisfaction is related to this. 

The online MCA program prepares students with essential skills. so that they can start their career as a manual tester. 

6. Network Engineer 

Still unable to decide what to do after online MCA? The online MCA course consists of subjects such as computer communication networks and network programming. This is one of the best career options after online MCA. In addition, with lab work, this serves as a solid foundation for network engineering, designing, and technical work. 

Tech firms hire network architects in order to maintain and establish computer networks with regard to calls, videos, wireless services, and data. Furthermore, enterprises with enormous IT infrastructures require trained professionals in order to assist with in-house tasks as well. Therefore, as a network engineer, you would be responsible for managing daily maintenance and administrative duties. 

7. Quality Assurance Analyst 

As a quality assurance analyst, you would be required to use your reasoning and logical skills to assess IT systems. The work of a QA analyst is to point out the strengths and weaknesses of software, come up with innovative solutions, and communicate them to the responsible team throughout the development life cycle. 

8. Project Manager 

The list of best career options after an online MCA will be incomplete without mentioning this field. 

MCA degree holders with 5-8 years of experience are hired as project managers. Here you will be managing the entire project concerning the application. Furthermore, as project manager you will be taking care of project planning, estimation activities, and client communication. It will be your duty to look after and make sure that project development is proceeding according to the plan and delivery will be on time. You will also take care of all the post-delivery change management and fix the bugs with the assistance of a suitable team. 

Wrapping Up! 

The above mentioned are some of the great jobs after online MCA. We hope it answered all your queries. Well, an online MCA opens a door for lots of opportunities and keeps you one step ahead in this competitive world. 

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