What is Chat GPT? What is the future of such AI Apps?

Since Chat GPT came into use in November 2022, Chat GPT has been in news. It has broken previous records for having 100 million users within two months! But what exactly is Chat GPT and where is it being used? And with 100 million users, can you use it too? Let us know from the core what it is: 

What is Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT is a chatbot, available on Google or as an app designed by Open AI where Elon Musk had a stake holding until recently. The GPT in its name stands for Generative Pre-Training Transformer. Chatbots have been used for about three decades but none has caught users’ attention like Chat GPT. The algorithm of Chat GPT is so vast that you can ask it any question and it will answer you as if a human were answering. People ask questions like how do I fix my code or write a poem and make it interesting, and Chat GPT works accordingly. 

How does it bring answers? 

Chat GPT is built using extensive data that understand the data and generates answers accordingly. But it is not all from the Chatbot. If you need specific answers or the program does not understand what you’re asking it, it asks questions to bring the most suitable data. The world was shocked when the bot solved the US law school exam. 

Which other Chatbots are coming forth like Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT not only caught the attention of its users but also its competitors. Organizations like Google and Microsoft have come to the field to make their Chatbots as well. Some alternatives to Chat GPT are Google Bard, Microsoft Bing YouChat, etc.  

What is the future of such AI Apps? 

With the Chatbot in use, AI has helped solve many problems related to any field. People can ask a question when they are stuck somewhere in their work or assignments and it solves it for you. But, in the end, it is a robot. And understanding an AI bot is the same as any human. So just like a human brain, it sharpens every time you use it. 

But if you use AI instead of thinking things yourself, wouldn’t it hamper your personal growth? It most certainly would! 

Chat GPT and other Chatbots won’t help you when it comes to presentations. You cannot ask it to speak for you or perform for you. So, if you keep working with a bot, you might lose the essence of a human, and it will become difficult to understand what the other person wants.  


As an online student, it must be a great help to get one-on-one interactions with your mentors and faculties. But when you have no time available and need urgent answers, platforms like Chat GPT can help you with some portion of your doubts. But, they can never replace a human. 

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