What is the scope of artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer systems that mimic a human brain and enable them to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. 

Over the last few years, AI has shown exponential growth.   

Artificial intelligence helps us to manage and automate various tasks. It can be broadly classified in two ways: data handling and robotics. Data handling includes analysing, managing, and controlling data; robotics includes diagnosing designing and implementing dynamic solutions, machines are created to achieve practicality in any task and accomplish tasks in proficient way. 

AI is being successfully used in the below sectors: 

AI in Science and Research: AI makes it ideal for researchers where the sources contain high data volumes. Drug discovery is one of the most growing sectors where AI is supporting scientists. Biotechnology is another field where scientists are involving AI to develop microorganisms for modern applications. 

AI in Cyber Security: As businesses are shifting towards automation, they are using various cloud and IT infrastructures to transform and save their data, which thus raise the threat of data loss and data hacking. To keep the data and reputation of the organization safe, organizations are investing huge amounts of money and resources in cybersecurity. Technology can help address this shortage and fight cybercrime. Effective use of new age technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain can help prevent cyber frauds and make ecosystems safe and secure for individuals and businesses. 

AI in Data Analysis: Artificial Intelligence algorithms can enhance the emphasis and thus be more accurate.AI can recognize routines and bits of knowledge that natural eyes cannot see. For instance, Google Analytics has Analytics Intelligence, which utilizations AI to assist website admins to get insights about how to make the website faster than ever. 

AI in Transport: AI is not new to transport for instance, autopilot mode has been enhancing air traveling since 1912. Autopilot automates the regular tasks of the operators and helps them in heading in the correct direction. This permits the pilots to focus on other more significant regions of the flight, like the climate and the trajectory of the plane. Usage of AI in transportation is not just limited to Air traveling, it is enhancing the ships and spacecraft as well. And one more region where future lies is extension of AI in driverless vehicles. Modern researchers say that self-driving vehicles will bring various advantages, including lower emissions and enhanced level of road safety. For example, self-driving vehicles will be liberated from human blunders, which represent 90% of car crashes. Many organizations, including Tesla and Uber, are developing these vehicles. 

AI in Home: Smart Home Assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are well known smart home devices that let the owner perform various tasks with simple voice commands. Smart devices work their best on the simple concepts of Artificial Intelligence. They enhance their understanding of the user requirements on past orders and make themselves exceptional. Smart assistance is not limited just to home devices. We all have smart assistance on our iPhone and Android devices. Siri and Google Assistant recognize the human voices and take orders from the owner of the phone. The voice assistance of the mobile devices handles various tasks such as making a call, reading out the messages you have received, sending a text message and least but not the last ordering things from the significant mobile app. 

AI in Healthcare: Healthcare has been using AI for the longest. It is using the AI to gather the patient’s data and medical history that can help the doctors to proceed with an accurate diagnosis. It helps with the treatment as well. Various reputed health organizations are leveraging Google DeepMind as telemedicine to treat their remote patients. It can also help to detect the health risk based on the mobile app data. AI will thus help the doctors to detect the data of patients with similar symptoms and will suggest the accurate treatment and its outcome for better decision making. 

Artificial Intelligence has its presence in various sectors and industries. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use artificial intelligence in our day to day lives. It plays an important role in our lives, and it is going to expand more and more in near future.  

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