Is the online mode of learning a boon for old-age literacy?

“Meet Karthyani Amma: The 96-Year-Old Inspiring the World to Never Give Up on Their Dreams” She cleared the state literacy exam at the age of 96. Yes, you read that right – 96!  

Karthyani Amma is a resident of Kerala, India, who had to drop out of school at an early age due to financial struggles. However, she never gave up on her passion for learning and continued to educate herself at every opportunity life gave her. And finally, at the age of 96, she fulfilled her lifelong dream when she won the first rank in Aksharalaksham literacy exam of the Saksharatha Mission in August 2018.  

This incredible achievement has not only earned her the respect and appreciation of her community but has also made her an inspiration for many. Her determination and willpower have proved that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams.   

Old-age literacy has always been a concern as many senior citizens may not have had the opportunity to receive formal education in their younger years due to various reasons such as poverty, lack of access to schools, or cultural norms that prevented them from attending school. If we talk about the situation 40 years ago from now, things were not as easy as they are today. This is because the infrastructure was not good, there was no good transportation system, and there was a lack of good schools and colleges. If there were any, they were only in cities. Apart from this, gender inequality was the main reason behind the lack of formal education in senior citizen women. This is because there was a norm that girls can’t attend school; they should only stick to household work and only boys have the right to education.   

As a result, many senior citizens in the current scenario still face significant challenges when it comes to reading and writing.  This makes it difficult for them to perform basic tasks such as reading prescriptions, understanding medical instructions, or filling out banking forms.  

In recent times, the advent of technology has indeed brought about significant changes in the way people of all ages, from senior citizens to toddlers, interact with digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This has led to increased comfort and familiarity with technology, making it more accessible. 

One of the most significant advantages of the internet is the availability of online education. With online learning platforms, learners can find courses on any topic they are interested in. For example, if a senior citizen wants to learn how to write, they can simply go on YouTube and search for tutorials on how to read and write in any language. 

Online education on Internet provides an opportunity for senior citizens who were unable to complete their education due to several reasons, they also have the chance to pursue higher education and fulfil their dreams of obtaining a degree in fields such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or B.Com (Hons).  

Also, many universities offering online degrees, and one of the most well-known names in the education industry is Graphic Era University. It is the first university in Uttarakhand to pioneer online education. Pursuing your online degree with them will give you the opportunity to learn from the best and really help you learn and earn a degree which is approved by UGC & AICTE. 

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is a regulatory body that oversees higher education in India. Recently, UGC has approved online education for reputed universities 

Advantages of Online Learning 

Online learning offers multiple benefits for older adults, including convenience, flexibility, and access to a range of resources. The ability to learn from home removes the need to travel to a physical classroom, which encourages participation and makes learning more accessible. Flexibility allows learners to work at their own pace, take breaks when needed, and continue learning at their convenience. Various resources cater to different learning styles, including video lectures, interactive quizzes, and discussion forums. Finally, online learning provides an opportunity for social connection and a sense of community, which can benefit senior-citizen’s physical and mental well-being. 


The online mode of learning proved to be a boon for older adults, especially those who have faced challenges in achieving basic literacy due to various reasons. Online learning offers convenience, flexibility, a variety of resources, and social connections that can help seniors improve their literacy skills and engage in lifelong learning.  

With the increasing availability and accessibility of online learning, more seniors can continue to learn and stay connected with their communities, leading to a better quality of life in their later years. 

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