How online degrees are beneficial for Army personnel?

The Army is an excellent source of skilled manpower. Army Personnel guarantee all round high standards.  Every year, thousands of highly trained Officers, including Short Service Commissioned Officers and Women Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Jawans retire from their service and are keen for a second career. They are reliable, self-motivated, and committed individuals with extensive specialist training and a ‘can do’ attitude. 

How online degrees are beneficial for Army personnel ? 

Online degrees are getting popular with every section of the society be it is students, working professionals, housewives. Online education provides convenience and flexibility which allows anyone to learn without altering their work schedule and commitments. 

Online education has many such aforesaid benefits thus making it quite popular with the army personnel. One of the main reasons of its popularity with army personnel’s is flexibility. Army men have strict time bound schedules at both work and home, therefore leaving them with less time to pursue in traditional mode, the flexibility of attending class from anywhere anytime and giving proctored examinations from any location becomes an added advantage for the military personnel. 

Why higher education is important for Army officer? 

Soldiers are great assets of the company. They are the guardians of the nation who protect their citizens. They put out their life at risk for our safety. Their job is one of the toughest jobs in the world. They are supposed to fulfil challenging duties, stay away from their families and harness exceptional qualities to become a great soldier. 

With the kind of risk and commitment involved the army personnel and their family enjoy a lot of perks and benefits. Keeping all this in mind we should also remember that an army personnel’s serving career is shorter than any civilian job.  

The commissioned officers as well as the junior commissioned officers join army when they are 22-25 years of age and mostly their service tenure is held for 30 years. After that duration, an army officer he or she is discharged from their defence duties. Army personnel’s whether commissioned or junior commissioned officers have a chance to improve themselves by investing in their formal education, as government also allows them provisions to get an advance degree or complete a specialised course.  

An army personnel understands the benefits of higher education while still in service. Some of us might think as they are already employed in a revered job, it could be a waste of time to enrol in any kind of higher studies. On the contrary, getting a degree is an added advantage for the army officer. This will come in handy both when they are still working with armed forces and after they retire. Post-retirement they can join jobs at government institutions as well as private institutions. Below are the career options which could be considered post retirement after earning an online degree 

  • HR Manager 
  • Accountant  
  • SEO Analyst  
  • Assistant Professor  
  • Bank PO 
  • Bank Manager 

How can an Online Degree help military personnel?    

The online degree programs are perfect for the defence professional’s lifestyle. This is because, military personnel are transferred from one location to another as per their two or three yearly deportments. Keeping this situation in mind online education provides the much-needed flexibility to army personnel. With the help of smart electronic devices and stable internet connection they can pursue online degree from any reputed university. Online education facilitates anytime anywhere learning and examination. Therefore, any military personnel who are interested in learning and upskilling can now pursue higher education through online mode, while simultaneously serving in their respective job responsibilities. 

Anytime Anywhere Learning & Proctored Exams 

Nowadays, mobile phone and internet connection is accessible to anyone even the remotest of areas in India have internet connectivity. Soldiers who are posted in the peace areas they can use their free scheduled time to upskill themselves. Studying on Online mode does not require you to buy books all the study material is available on University’s Learning Management System. A soldier thus studying in online mode does not have to worry about the attendance or missing of the class. He/she can learn from anywhere anytime. 

Post-Retirement Job Opportunities 

Army men retire at a relatively young age, and after the government’s announcement of a distinct rank called Agni veers, soldiers enrolled through this rank will be retiring even sooner. In general, an army man retires as per the rank he belongs to, and thus the retirement range could be starting from 48 years and could extend to 62 years. Soldiers retiring by 48 years age will have many personal unfulfilled responsibilities like education for children, marriage for children etc. Well, starting a second career can be the great option. However, to start a new career there will be a need to brush up their existing skills and learn new skills. Therefore, an online degree can assist them in learning new skills and help you out in getting a lucrative job.   

Specialised Skills in Affordable Price 

Nowadays, online universities offer programs in niche skills that are high in demand in the current job market.  Like example Online MBA, it offers you specialization in different domains. Such as Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and Finance. These specializations are always in demand in the job market. And if you come from IT background you can go for the MBA in Artificial Intelligence.  

The content of these online degree courses is industry oriented, and the classes are taught by industry experts. The best part of the online education is that they are more flexible and less expensive than on-campus degrees.  


We hope now you are aware about the benefits of getting an online degree. Well, if you are an army personnel looking forward to upgrade yourself and pursue higher education, then Graphic Era University’s Online degree programs will surely help you out in sharpening your skills in your chosen field. 

Moreover, Graphic Era Online offers scholarship to the defence personnel, which will further help you out in achieving your dreams.  

Education is an ammunition which will increase your combat readiness, make you a successful soldier, enhance your career prospects, and prepare you for a successful second career. So, do not wait anymore, upskill yourself and secure you future with GEU’s online degree programs. 

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