Benefits of Online MBA For Working Professionals

‘To do or not do MBA?’ is a question that many hamlets of the professional world struggle with. Well, regardless of the industry one belongs to, a working individual stands to benefit immensely from an MBA degree. In fact, an MBA degree is hailed as a logical step for career advancement, yet, many hesitate from pursuing the program, given the kind of time, commitment and expenses it demands. However, an Online MBA can serve as a practical alternative for working professionals who wish to further their education to elevate their career with a master’s degree in business administration without putting a brake in their job cycle. Some of the most important benefits of Online MBA for Working professionals have been listed below: 

Flexibility: Online MBA is an advanced version of distance learning that makes higher education a convenient and feasible path for those whose plates is already full with personal and professional responsibilities. In Online MBA, not only the need to commute to the physical campus is eliminated, but also working professionals will not be restricted to a rigid academic schedule. They can view lectures and study anytime, anywhere and at a pace best suited to them. They can study on laptop, desktop, cell phone or any other device, at a stretch or in intervals, from the comfort of their home, office, public transportation or any setup that works from them.  

Affordability: The tuition fee of online MBA is significantly lesser than that of a traditional, on-campus MBA program. The fact that online students do not have to spend a single additional penny on commutation, accommodation, textbooks/course materials or any other related on-campus expenditure, also makes online MBA a more cost-effective and appealing choice.  

The icing on the cake is that online students have the added advantage of ‘earning while studying.’ By enrolling in an online MBA program, working professionals get to keep their job, earn money and finance their higher education with their own salary.  

Network with Business Professionals: An online MBA gives working students a chance to the students to expand their networking circle through online classes, webinars, virtual social events etc. They get a platform to forge invaluable relationships with the experienced faculty, notable alumni, industry experts, talented peers and other people who are or one day might become recruiters, managing directors, business leaders, etc. and help you land your dream job, switch career, launch your own venture, and more through referrals, sponsorship, partnership, mentorship etc.   

Career Advancement: Most working individuals enrol in Online MBA program after a few years of work experience to update the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in the workplace and fast track their career advancement as online education allows them to pursue career and education together. A reason for this commonly taken trajectory may be the observation that working professionals require a higher education degree after they’ve reached a certain level in their career to qualify a promotion and salary hike.  

Apart from this, an online MBA degree is also known to make working professionals more marketable in the competitive professional world and empower them to transition to a new career path, confidently.   

Skill EnhancementAn online MBA elevates working individuals professionally by enabling them to build upon their current knowledge and gain proficiency in multiple management skills that help them to perform better. They gain new insights on innovative strategies, learn problem solving, communication and leadership skills, and acquire the right attitude required to thrive in a workplace.  

The Verdict: An online MBA allows enables working professionals to fulfil their career aspirations by offering the same level of academic experience and exposure as a traditional brick & mortar university.   

Why choose Graphic Era University for Online MBA? 

Graphic Era University (GEU) is a well-known name in the education industry. Ranked amongst the top 100 universities in India for three years in a row by NIRF, the NAAC ‘A+’ accredited university has geared up to establish its eminence in the online domain as well.  

With QS I-Gauge E-Lead (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation) Certificate and UGC/AICTE mandate to offer online degree programs, Graphic Era University has become the only university in Uttarakhand to receive the approval to offer online education.   

Therefore, we encourage students to earn their online master’s degree in business administration with a brand that has been known to provide academic excellence for the past 30 years and is currently placed amongst the top 65 B-schools in India in NIRF.  


Why Should You Go for Online MBA?

The pursuit of higher education and professional growth has taken on various forms over the years. One such avenue that has gained significant popularity is